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2013 IAEM Social Media Exercise


During the 2013 IAEM Conference in Reno, the Emerging Technologies Caucus has designed a fun game to encourage networking and use of social media. We are delivering this game as an exercise, so after completion of the hotwash survey you can earn a certificate of participation. Access the handout [HERE] or use the links below to complete six different tasks.  Each task represents how people might use social media during an emergency or disaster including:  citizens, public information officers and situation status.  Complete the six exercise activities and the accompanying hotwash/evaluation form to be notified of the game results.

To Start, let us know you’re participating by using the hashtag #IAEM13 throughout the conference:

TASK 1:  https://certcat3.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/iaem13_task1/

TASK 2:  https://certcat3.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/iaem13_task2/

TASK 3: https://certcat3.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/iaem13_task3/

TASK 4: https://certcat3.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/iaem13_task4/

TASK 5: https://certcat3.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/iaem13_task5/ ‎

TASK 6:  https://certcat3.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/iaem13_task6/

To Finish: Complete the Hotwash survey.  This is required if you want a certificate that you’ve completed this exercise.

FEMA Core Capabilities

Public Information and Warning

Core Capability Definition: Deliver coordinated, prompt, reliable, and actionable information to the whole community through the use of clear, consistent, accessible, and culturally and linguistically appropriate methods to effectively relay information regarding any threat or hazard and as appropriate, the actions being taken and the assistance being made available.


(1) Find, verify and disseminate official conference information

(2) Use a variety of tools to communicate lengthy information

(3) Find and research questions and respond with correct information or point the individual to the source of correct information

Operational Communications

Core Capability Definition: Ensure the capacity for timely communications in support of security, situational awareness, and operations by any and all means available, among and between affected communities in the impact area and all response forces.


(1) Demonstrate how to turn on and off the geolocation features of your device.

(2) Demonstrate your ability to check in at a specific location to share with loved ones that you are safe and well.

(3) Identify tools and resources to obtain statistics and methods for saving social media records.

Participate During the Conference

In addition to participating in the six identified tasks as part of the exercise we encourage you to live tweet the sessions that you attend not only for you to keep notes and retain information, but to share with your followers who otherwise wouldn’t have access to that information.  Here are some brief guidelines on live tweeting during sessions:

How to Live Tweet

1.  Follow the conversation by searching for the conference tag #IAEM13 on Twitter, Facebook, Vine and Instagram.  In order for everyone at the conference to share the same messages, all messages must be linked to the conference hashtag.

2.  Share your favorite quotes, facts or knowledge during sessions.  When someone shares something you like, be sure to re-tweet it for others to see.

3.  Attribute comments properly to the speaker.  If you don’t know their twitter handle, at least reference their last name followed by the quote and the hashtag.  If you are quoting their twitter handle, mention them at the end of the quote then the hash tag.

4.  Keep it short and sweet. Even though Twitter allows 140 characters, keeping your tweet even shorter allows others to re-tweet it without disrupting the original quote or intent of your tweet.  When shortening a tweet in order to re-tweet it, change the “RT” to “MT” which means Modified Tweet.  This lets the reader know you changed a portion of the original message.



  1. […] 4)  A Social Media Exercise will occur at IAEM that should afford opportunities for folks to watch and engage with participants.  Check out this website to learn about how the Emerging Technologies Caucus will be seeking to encourage attendees to use social media:  https://certcat3.wordpress.com/posts-2/2013iaem_smexdesign/ […]

  2. Great idea to get folks live-tweeting! Fun!

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