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Cal CERT Social Media Exercise Rules


During the conference we hope that you become more comfortable using Social Media to take notes about what you learn and share. We have designed a simple social media exercise (game) in the form of a scavenger hunt. For each task in the scavenger hunt you complete you will be awarded points. You may gain additional points by re-tweeting or having your post re-tweeted or shared.  Tasks start at the beginning of the conference on Friday, March 1 and will be tabulated until 8:00 PM Saturday, March 2 in order to have enough time to tabulate the results for announcement on Sunday, March 3.  Continue participating on Sunday as bonus points may be awarded for any potential tie breakers.

Social Media Tools you may choose to use:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

Quick Twitter Writing Style Guide

A name with the “@” symbols is a twitter handle.  A word with a number sign, “#” is a hashtag to enable searching.  Think of the hashtag as a radio channel and we all want to talk on the same frequency.

  • @Name then message – the message will go only to that person and their followers
  • @Name then message and #CalCERTthe message will go to the person, their followers, and everyone looking for the #CalCERT tag.
  • #CalCERT then message – generally broadcast, but searchable because you used the tag
  • Message and #CalCERT and cc: @Namegenerally broadcast and searchable and lets an individual know they were mentioned.


  • Always use the conference hashtag #CalCERT.  Without this tag associated with each of your messages, your posts will not count.
  • Be respectful of others and be kind with your words.  Be careful in your communications and keep in mind humor is interpreted differently by others especially when you can’t see their expression or hear their tone of voice.
  • If anyone requests that you not take photos of them directly, respect their wishes.


  • Meet participants from outside your County.  Tweet who you met, and their program name and county.  1 point per person met.
  • Visit vendor booths.  Tweet out 3 CERT items/services that the vendor sells/provides.  2 points per vendor.
  • Live tweeting during a session.  Tweet about a session that you are attending.  2 point per session.
  • Network out with conference participants after conference hours (after 5pm daily).  Tweet about what you and other participants from the conference are doing.  1 point per person involved not from your CERT program.
  • Download the app Flat Stanley or use a hard copy version and tweet at least one photo with you and FEMA Flat Stanley or FEMA Flat Stella and use the hashtag #FlatStanley and #CalCERT http://www.flatstanley.com/apps.  These will be placed at various places at the conference.
  • Tweet about something you learned that you will implement in your CERT program after the conference.  5 points each.
  • Meet a conference speaker.  Tweet about meeting a session speaker.  1 point each tweet.
  • Take a photo.  Take a photo of you with fellow conference participants and tweet it out or post on Facebook.  1 point per photo posted.
  • Take a photo with these individuals.  1 point for each captured via photo (can earn multiple points with one photo, but each individual can only count toward 1 point max).
    • FEMA CERT Staff
    • State CERT Staff
    • Frank Borden/Rachel Jacky
    • CERT Conference Planning Staff
  • If your content is re-tweeted or shared, for example you quoted a speaker and that quote was re-tweeted by others at the conference earn (5 Points per re-tweet)
  • If you re-tweet or share the content of others, for example, you see a quote you like and you want to share it with others earn (1 Point per re-tweet)


There will be two winners.  The top two winners with the highest number of points will be awarded a prize.  Drawing will be held Sunday afternoon.  While conference staff and speakers may participate online, including re-tweeting and earning you points, they themselves are ineligible to be selected as a winner.


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