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The intent of this blog is to provide information and opportunities for other Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructors and program managers to investigate and utilize technological resources in improving their CERT teams.  I strive to encourage the fair and safe use of technology to benefit team development, organization, exercises, and community outreach.


Mary Jo Flynn is the lead author for the Cal CERT T-T-T blog and as a CERT Instructor Trainer has been passionate about sharing technology resources with her colleagues and students.  Mary Jo is the Emergency Management Assistant irector for the Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department and has over 6 years of emergency management experience including previous experience with: Legislative and External Affairs; Recreation and Volunteer Management; and Film and Television development.  She is a strong advocate of social media awareness, practice and use in disasters and manages the @AnaheimFire and @AnaheimCERT twitter accounts and Anaheim Fire & Rescue,  Anaheim CERT and Anaheim RACES Facebook pages, Pinterest, and Anaheim Fire and Anaheim RACES YouTube sites.

Mary Jo manages the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) volunteer programs.  She also serves as the city’s Citizen Corps coordinator responsible for the coordination of trained and affiliated volunteers during emergencies.  She is the past chairperson of the CERT Mutual Aid Program is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), California Emergency Services Association (CESA), and Orange County Emergency Management Organization (OCEMO).  Mary Jo is an Instructor Trainer with the American Red Cross in Emergency Medical Response and Lifeguarding and has over 15 years of Lifeguard/First Responder experience.  Mary Jo holds her M.S. degree in Recreation Administration from CSU Long Beach and a B.A. in English Literature from CSU Fullerton.

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If you are interested in a speaker for a conference/workshop, the development of a training module , exercise or program, or other assignments regarding social media, CERT or emergency management, please contact me.

Mary Jo Flynn

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While we often strive to provide information on Local, State and National CERT activities, this blog is not sponsored by any government agency, nor are the views intended to represent any government agency.


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