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2013 IAEM Ex Design – Task 6


Anaheim CERT

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Task 6: For the History Books

Fire Chief 1898

As social media becomes increasingly more popular with emergency management agencies, the need to archive exchanges of information and provide statistics for media and after action purposes becomes more important.  Additionally, during the incident the situation status unit may use social media statistics and analysis as part of their regular briefing cycles.  It is important to learn ways of capturing information and storing it, especially if your agency has a records retention policy and you are required to keep records of social media use.  You may want to keep record of use to support the costs associated with using various social media tools as you seek reimbursement, or document volunteer time in support of your disaster.

Your Task

Do your best to identify social media statistics at this conference.  Use tools and platforms that might show you how many people are using the conference tag #IAEM13, who might be the most active users and communicate the most, who might be the most influential, etc.  Don’t know what social media tools to use to achieve this?  Make sure you network and ask (remember Task 5 was asking questions) don’t forget resources like Google or Bing searches as well.  Communicate your findings and be sure to include a time/date stamp in your post so conference followers can see how the stats change and progress throughout the rest of the conference.  Don’t forget to use the conference tag #IAEM13 and the task abbreviated as T1, T2 etc.


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