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2013 IAEM Ex Design – Task 3


Anaheim CERT

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 Task 3: Read All About It


Public Information Officers will provide press releases throughout the disaster to keep members of the media and the public informed with developing situations.  Depending upon your organization in the Emergency Operation Center, it may be the Public Information Officer or another assigned individual who will take the press release and disseminate it on social media.  Emergency Managers or EOC staff may be asked to help amplify press releases by finding the release and disseminating it to their own followers using the disaster hashtag.  Additionally, these individuals may be asked to cross-post by disseminating the information on multiple platforms.

Your Task:

Find a press release or official information generated by the conference and amplify that information by sharing with your audiences on a variety of platforms.  Ensure that as you repost, you are careful to include timely, accurate information as some information you find may be old/obsolete based on the timing of the release or current conference information.  Be sure to include the conference tag: #IAEM13 on all of your posts and the task abbreviated as T1, T2 etc.


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