Cal CERT Conference Social Media Exercise

Use this conference hashtag to communicate during the conference and to participate in the social media game.

CalCERT Social Media Exercise Rules

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How to Live Tweet

1.  Follow the conversation by searching for the conference tag #CalCERT on Twitter and Instagram.  In order for everyone at the conference to share the same messages, all messages must be linked to the conference hashtag.

2.  Share your favorite quotes, facts or knowledge during sessions.  When someone shares something you like, be sure to re-tweet it for others to see.  *Hint: re-tweets may gain you extra points for the game.

3.  Attribute comments properly to the speaker.  If you don’t know their twitter handle, at least reference their last name followed by the quote and the hashtag.  If you are quoting their twitter handle, mention them at the end of the quote then the hash tag.

4.  Keep it short and sweet. Even though Twitter allows 140 characters, keeping your tweet even shorter allows others to re-tweet it without disrupting the original quote or intent of your tweet.  When shortening a tweet in order to re-tweet it, change the “RT” to “MT” which means Modified Tweet.  This lets the reader know you changed a portion of the original message.